Selfies From Oblivion

by KZehRah

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By KZehRah (K.Thomas)


I took a selfie In oblivion
to remember what I've forgotten,
last Song on the titanic,
dirge before the bottom,
time capsule before burial,
before they outlaw all the shovels,
the yelp before the muzzle,
the portrait before they snuff you
and turn your ivory towers you pride in
to a bloody puzzle, this your
Last chance to huddle, before they rush you,
cause you to fumble all that you hold dear,
pose, yeah, Two-thousand-twenty Megapixels its so clear,
but you never learn, in the tunnel of truth, youth is just a sperm,
'cause dudes got no ears
The rich act like they care, in front their green screen,
No wonder it seems there's no fear,
but tell me what's a yacht on death's river, headed for that rock
when you cannot steer?
Fate is an Instagram, hash tag apocalypse so we can all share,
the revolution will be your character
on WorldStar, holding the camera or playing the Good Samaritan,
Fisher of men says you went hammerhead or halibut
And at the end when he tally up, from Farrigut P's to Nazareth,
eyes on horizon, cross forever remaining the azimuth,
Covered in blood like dukes from hazardous counties,
Covered in blood like suits from countries bio-hazardous
TV speeches don't matter much, when Y.B.T's have had enough,
Fox News, black on black violence, trap, beer and cannabis
Like beach water receding, tsunami is speeding, no time to be
Feeling, enamored with, shells and what you can gather up.


Lights, cameras, glorifying the wealthy while
More are dying, I'm exercising, trying stay healthy, the
Sky is falling, food prices are rising, and racism is stealthy
and at the edge of oblivion I, took a selfie…
Lights, cameras on me, drones may bring ‘em surveillance
But someone else is watching me, whom I'm putting my faith in,
I wanna’ know what's inside to know what someone else see
so at the edge of oblivion…


I stretched out my
Arm, attached to the camera, photo-journaling conditions, after
Truth cancelled subscriptions to understanding and wisdom
'Fore we signed up for science fiction and latent porn addiction, Reminiscent,
when being Christian wouldn't get you sent to prison, and
Speech still had the freedom to be a difference of opinion, and
Coke was just for drinking and nobody shot at Lincoln, and
JFK wasn't an airport, pyramids were geometry and
Favorite games like monopoly, didn't reflect the economy, and
Pharaoh was cool with Moses and he let the people go before the,
locusts, and Christ ain’t have to die, no kenosis, ‘cause we
never ate the apple, in fact he slapped it out her hand, instead of
Watching what would happen, Adam played his role as the man, but I
Can't show you them selfies, they got deleted from my phone, ‘cause of
User end agreements that I signed with Google chrome, trust me
|- a pictures worth a thousand words put into poem, but to the
average, God has less interest, than what’s in a loan, till
Social security’s gone, and china collect the debt that we
Owe, I'm taking selfies, won’t forget what we know, no temptations
though, my papa was a rolling stone, straight from the
Grave, after he rose, Christ still on the throne, stop
looking hard for his bones, carbon dating a stone to have a
Sedimentary marriage, solid rock, like the song, but we
All can’t get along as long as you got five aces, and
90% of tv showing only white faces...



I'm remembering
Sandra Bland, the police became a gang, gun clappers, you'll
Call me ‘Strang’… a stranger to this world, now I'm peculiar,
I refuse to hang, in the wickedness I use to, no more pic’a’nigs
The straight and narrow, path I'm now walking, my feet sick of zigs
No more sagging my belt is tied to the buckle, my
Hands are clean, like gel from Purell for the last supper,
Bread if life in my Tupperware, keep it hot like pollution,
HAARP in the atmosphere still scientists have no solutions,
Feed you kids evolution, traffics stop executions at
College campuses, crazies’ why we call them institutions
Black rhinos as trophies, missiles shoot over Zion
Black Americans die, while we cry for Cecil the lion
Trying to hold it together, like a wall, Christ is the mortar
Stay focused until we caught, while CERN is opening portals,
Cosby groping your daughter, hypocrites close the border,
Gluttony want mango chutney, immigrants bring ‘em the order
Legionnaires in the water, you standing in line for Jordan's, and
Yeezy’s, but that's some dirty hamper stink, don’t believe me, could get
Choked, for selling cancer sticks, shoot up a church they hand you a Ham
Burger, and handcuff you peaceful-like…so your pants won't rip
We cry injustice, outraged over the cops, but there's
Crickets and tumbleweeds when the homie’s shot on the block
Liquor, hair, nails and wonton, laundry mats and a
Church on every corner, OBLIVION, picture that.


© 2016 Keith Thomas (ASCAP) / Kenotic Music (ASCAP)


released October 16, 2016
Written, produced, mixed and mastered by KZehRah



all rights reserved


KZehRah New York

Over the years the better late than never music maker has worn many hats. He has been a DJ, emcee, producer, songwriter, audio engineer, graphic designer and photographer. At one time he went by the moniker Vultcha, but today he’s KZehRah.

like the old saying “Que Sera Sera.” Put that all together and you get “K will be what he will be.” Clever.
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